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About Us

In 1993, Dick Bantien opened the original Little Treasures in a tiny, stone-faced building in Elk Rapids, Michigan. As retired schoolteachers, Dick and his wife Sue understood how important creative, imaginative play is to a child’s healthy development and lined their shelves with quality toys, games and crafts.


Today, Little Treasures Toy & Gift is located in downtown Bellaire and is owned by Dick and Sue’s son, Steve, and daughter-in-law, Suzanne, but little else has changed. The kids that came in wide-eyed two decades ago now visit as wide-eyed adults, often with children of their own in tow.  And we still stock the shelves with a unique collection of toys and gifts, from today’s top sellers to all the old classics.

There are some notable differences, too. Little Treasures now

remains open year round, seven days a week. We’ve also established a presence on social media with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep you up-to-date with everything that's new in store, although nothing compares to experiencing all the fun firsthand


So, while you're exploring all that Northern Michigan has to offer, be sure to include a stop in downtown Bellaire to visit Little Treasures Toy & Gift, where we take fun very seriously.

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