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Looking for a kid's perspective on the coolest items at Little Treasures Toy & Gift? Check out the reviews below from our official toy tester, Mick. His personal favorites get featured here, on our Mick's Picks page.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty


"Thinking Putty is so cool because it comes in so many different colors and types. I will name a few... putty that changes colors, putty that glows in the dark, magnetic putty and UV and heat sensitive. My favorite is the magnetic putty. It comes with a giant magnet that you can use to do tricks with. I highly recommend Thinking Putty for kids who like to multi task. Oh, yeah, and it never dries out!"


The Mega Bounce XL Ball


"The Mega Ball is my newest favorite pick. First of all, it's gigantic! Its circumference is 100 inches! It comes with a foot pump and a tape measure so your Mega ball will be as Mega as possible. It would be super fun to kick it around with friends. The Mega makes a cool sound when you bounce it. The hardest decision would be what color to or blue! I love it!!"


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